Mission: Love God, Love Others, Serve the World

Vision: Growing 100s of Communities of Hope

The shortest path to hope is following Jesus. NewHope's passion is to help people find that path and stay on it. We are made up of more than 150 communities of hope where people make connections, experience hope and engage the abundant life Jesus offers. In 2017 we will continue to grow communities of hope, establish new platforms of outreach and make the victory Jesus promises available to even more people.

Listen to the VIDEO below, read the vision DOCUMENT and make use of the other resources to help you grow as a follower and connect with the mission of Jesus.

 Your support of this vision is greatly appreciated. You can make a one off gift or organise regular support by visiting the Give page on this website. 

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NewHope has ‘rolling’ 5 year and 25 year vision statements which help us to focus forward with bold and faith-filled hope. They are reviewed, updated and shared each year as part of our strategic planning and leadership development processes. These are not ‘boasts’ of what we will do, rather they are expressions of what we are praying for and dreaming about as a consequent of the things we are faithfully doing today. Talk with a Ministry Staff member or a Church Council member if you would like to know more about these long term dreams and visions.