Worship Services

There is currently no regular worship service at the Surrey Hills campus. Stay turned for updates.


There is a group that meets at the Surrey Hills campus on Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:30pm. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Jess is the leader of the Surrey Hills Campus, she is married to Chris, and together they have two children - Sam (two and a half years) and Hannah (one year).

A word from Jess:

As I have chatted with people about the burgeoning FAITH COMMUNITY meeting in Surrey HIlls, many have responded saying, “I’m sorry, but I have no idea what that means!” Maybe you also have an occupation or interest that takes a while to fully describe. So here is a snippet of what I think it means …

My understanding and experience of Christian FAITH is one that brings freedom, hope and purpose.
Freedom from the stuff that tries to break apart, pull down and decay.
Hope in the future, while living in an unpredictable present.
Purpose in being loved and in loving others.
It is like coming home.

My desire for COMMUNITY is for a place of peace, belonging and working alongside.
Peace that remains constant, regardless of the circumstances.
Knowing that we belong, no matter what.
Working together to serve the world around us.
It is like welcoming a friend at the front door.

A FAITH COMMUNITY might look like many different things, or order itself in many different ways. But our faith community gathering provides you with an opportunity to belong in a loving community and an invitation to explore and deepen Christian faith.


For more info about this campus, contact Jess Groszek on 0411 647 848 or email jess.groszek@newhope.net.au.