We know God answers prayer

Prayer Retreats

NewHope offers half day Prayer retreats a few times each year.

Here are details of the next retreat:

With a theme of 'Seeds', the next prayer retreat will be held on Saturday September 22. Consider attending, bringing a friend and spreading the word.

Contact the church office to register.

Gathered Prayer

Join us for an engaging evening of worship, testimony, prayer and inspiration as we gather from all parts of the NewHope family to call out to God and seek his presence together.

Over 120 people joined our last gathering and together we enjoyed a powerful and praise filled evening. In the words of those who attended: 'Everyone was really connected and you could feel God's presence.'; 'It was an inclusive environment where you felt comfortable to pray with anyone.'

Prayer transforms, empowers and aligns our lives. Praying together in the power of the Spirit will unlock God's blessing and favour for your life and for NewHope. Please join us.

Dates for the rest of the year are 23rd August and 25th October.

Prayer after every Sunday Service

NewHope is a place where we are committed to our strong prayer culture. There is an opportunity to have someone pray with you after each Sunday service. Head down the front of the auditorium or to the connect desk to ask someone to pray with you.

Prayer on Wednesdays

All welcome to join with others and pray together. Wednesdays 7-8pm. Contact reception@newhope.com.au for further details.

Healing Prayer Ministry

There are times in life when healing prayer ministry can be a key part of your holistic healing. Addressing significant challenges, addictions, and trauma. Prayer ministry is not just about addressing crisis, it is a healthy means of seeking direction and hearing from God.

Healing Prayer Ministry can complement other health services in a powerful way. These are by appointment only and there is usually a waitlist as this ministry is in great demand. Appointments are free (some choose to make a donation to support ongoing ministry). The session is confidential with trained and gifted prayer ministers.

Extended appointments are available Monday evening, Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. To make an appointment, contact the office.

Prayer Ministry Training opportunities

NewHope offers the Elijah House Keys to Transformation Course led by Julien and Stephen Winspear who are experienced leaders in the NewHope Prayer Ministry Centre.  This course is suitable for those seeking God’s help for their personal spiritual development and those who wish to train as Prayer Ministers. You will come away with an understanding of why we experience difficulties in our lives and relationships, and how prayer ministry,  with the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, is a means of overcoming those challenges. Through teaching, modelling and your own small group observation and experience of ministry at the course, you will develop prayer tools for transformation for yourself and others.

About the Course

It is comprised of 8 two-day (Friday-Saturday) Units spread across two years.  Details of course content and cost are available at elijahhouse.com.au. For those who have completed Course A in the past or Unit 1 in the last two years, Unit 6 is available for you to attend on 27-28th July, 2018.

The next cycle of courses begins with Unit 1in early 2019, and details of all units offered next year will appear on the website by early November for those who want to ensure they are available. Unit 1 is a compulsory prerequisite for any later unit you do, so it is important to keep the Unit 1 dates free if you would like to either have a taster or if you would like to start the full course.

For enquiries, speak to Julien or Stephen at NewHope or to our course Registrar Leo Groenen on 0409957897 or leogroenen@elijahhouse.com.