NewHope Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the idea come from?
The vision to further develop and maximise the property at 522 Middleborough Rd was being explored when Doctors in the congregation raised the idea for a Medical Practice.
Hear more about the story here.

What is the purpose of the Medical Centre?
NewHope Medical is a doorway between the community and NewHope’s 100’s of Communities of Hope and multiple services, while providing quality General Medical care. Today the GP is the first port of call for many people facing life challenges. They address physical health but also emotional challenges, family issues, work stress and social pressures. It is also a resource for our Communities of Hope, Community Care, Agents of Hope and Mission Partners and other services such as NewHope Preschools.

Who is on the board of NewHope Medical?
The following 5 people are on the board. You can read their bios by downloading this PDF:

  • Tony Stokes (Chair)
  • Monique ten Hoopen
  • Surette Southwood
  • Chiew Hwa Koot
  • Neels Du Toit

Where will it be located?
The Medical and Counselling Centre will be located at 522 Middleborough Road, Blackburn North. It is a NewHope property owned by Community Care complete with a permit to operate consulting rooms. NewHope Medical will rent from Community Care thus also supporting Community Care ministries.

Planned Opening hours?
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 6pm, Thursdays open until 8pm.
Saturday mornings 9am - 12noon

What about Community Care?
All of Community Care ministries and services will continue. Some of our services are exploring new models of delivery which is timely aligning with NewHope’s vision of 100’s of Communities of Hope. For example: Food Pantry and Relief Care. Counselling and Psychology will continue under Medical, a great fit with potentially more referrals and increasing outcomes.

Will NewHope Medical be staffed by Christian Doctors?
Yes. Our GPs, Psychologists and Counsellors are independent contractors and we will engage practicing Christians.

How many Doctors will there be?
Over the first 12 months we aim to scale up to an equivalent 3 full time GPs. This may include 5 - 6 Doctors. There will also be a Practice Manager, Practice Nurse and Receptionist.

Is it mainly for Christians?
Our services are for everyone as we extend care, compassion and hope to all from all backgrounds, beliefs and every life circumstance.

I have a good GP. Should I change to NewHope Medical?
If you have a good GP there is no need to change. You can support NewHope Medical by referring your family, friends, colleagues and networks looking for a great caring GP. We aim to connect with the community and not ‘fill up’ with NewHope, although those needing a doctor are welcome.

Will it be a bulk billing clinic?
It will be a mixed billing clinic. This allows the Centre to provide good quality care without rushing you out the door in 6-8 minutes, while enabling us to bulk bill those who are in need of the same. Children, Health Card holders and Seniors will be bulk billed.

What services will be offered?
General Medicine, Pathology, Psychology and Counselling. Our current space is limited so our ability to engage other evidence based Allied Health services is restricted accordingly.