Following Jesus: Finding and Fostering Hope on a Cosmic Scale

Allan Demond, Pastor NewHope Baptist Church

Jesus’ mission, the biggest thing in the cosmos, is compelling and captivating. In Following Jesus, Allan Demond uses fresh, clarifying images to explain God’s incredible cosmic enterprise. Any of us can join the movement and ‘follow Jesus in the power of the Spirit, on mission, in community and through the disciplines of Bible, prayer and giving.’ This book will give you the intellectual confidence and practical capacity to find and foster hope – on a cosmic scale.


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Fresh, engaging, inspiring and you want to read more. The way Allan introduces you to Jesus and outlines what it means to follow Jesus invites you into an adventure and a mission that is life changing and life fulfilling. This book helps explain in an amazingly accessible way how an ordinary person can partner with Jesus in his mission today and how his story can continue to transform and change our stories. It is also a great resource for people to mentor and coach each other.
What a great gift this will be to followers of Jesus and those who connect with them in communities of hope.
Bill Brown, President Australian Baptist Ministries, Senior Pastor Syndal Baptist Church.

Allan Demond is a master communicator who explains complex ideas, facts and metaphors in such a way that they are understandable and applicable to life. He has gifted the church with a discipleship resource that will challenge us individually, shape us corporately and enhance our confidence to step out into our mission to advance God’s kingdom.
Daniel Bullock, Director of Mission & Ministries, Baptist Union of Victoria.

This is ‘Following Jesus 101’. Written by a seasoned pastor and outstanding communicator, this book is an excellent resource for those keen to explore the implications of Christian faith for their lives.
Simon Carey Holt, Author; Senior Minister, Collins Street Baptist Church, Melbourne

Allan Demond presents a much needed and fresh approach to exploring what it really means to follow Jesus so that we can truly experience his life in this world. Highly recommended reading.
Mark Conner, Former Senior Minister of CityLife Church, Melbourne

Allan Demond has distilled over thirty years of pastoral leadership, theological study and teaching, as well as his own experience of practising personal spiritual disciplines, to provide a practical guide for taking a life journey that counts.
Keith Jobberns, National Ministries Director, Australian Baptist Ministries

Following Jesus is a simple, yet profound and engaging guidebook to the Christian faith. is is the book I would proudly place in the hands of a friend who has no previous knowledge about Jesus, who is open to finding ‘something to give my life meaning.’
Marcy Paynter, Creative Ministries Director, Gateway Church Australia

Allan’s text re ects the insights of a rich personal, scholarly and ministerial life that understands and seeks to enable others to share in the hope found in Jesus ... There is something for everyone, as he challenges the experienced and emboldens novices into action. It is a great resource for contemplating a ‘journey towards hope’
Heather Coleman, General Director, Global Interaction.

A very helpful book ... opening up the possibilities of a healthy, hopeful and meaningful lifestyle in today’s challenging world.
Frank Rees, Principal, Whitley College, Melbourne

Allan Demond is a nurturing pastor and gifted communicator who combines insightful biblical background with down-to- earth stories. His book is not just a call to the importance of radical living, but a practical guide map to show the way for us as communities of hope.
Darren Cronshaw, Professor of Missional Leadership, Australian College of Ministries; Researcher and Pastor, Baptist Union of Victoria.

Allan Demond has written a fresh, contemporary presentation of the basics one needs to embrace to be a faithful, effective and committed follower of Jesus in our generation. He invites us to ‘have courage and lean in’, challenging us to follow Jesus and embrace a ‘life of love’. He presents Jesus as a loving guide who will provide purpose and direction for our daily lives.
Bruce Fawcett, Author; President, Crandall University, Moncton NB, Canada.

This book’s conception and birth in the midst of pastoral ministry in a local ‘community of hope’ gives it a particularly warm tone that invites both discussion and participation. I would highly recommend this book to those wishing to explore what following Jesus looks like in their local setting.
Marc Rader, Senior Pastor, Gymea Baptist Church.

Like boiling down sap from maple trees to yield delectable syrup, the author skilfully and succinctly captures God’s story in human history. And with full biblical floodlights, he focuses on the indispensable essence of who Jesus really is and what it means to say ‘yes’ to him... one is deeply inspired with a fresh appetite to follow Jesus.
Harry Gardner, President, Acadia Divinity College; Dean of Theology, Acadia University, NS Canada.

Allan Demond is such a talented communicator! ... As someone who personally wants to keep learning how to live out my faith more fully, I found Allan’s writing, combining historical context, stories, examples, practical advice and clear language, a wonderful source for my own journey. I recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in their faith and the practice of their faith.
John Hickey, CEO, Baptist World Aid Australia.

Following Jesus ... will confirm and challenge your perceptions and practices. If you are not yet a follower of Jesus, this book will help you understand why so many intelligently and fervently follow Jesus. If you are following Jesus, it will both encourage and unsettle you, hopefully producing a deeper and more joyful commitment to following Jesus, loving his community and serving his world.
John Sweetman, Principal, Malyon College.

Allan narrates truth in an engaging and accessible way ... in this book, readers are challenged to choose a consistent life of mission – one chosen because Jesus first chose us to have a relationship with us. Allan is clear about the fact that we don’t do this alone, but in profound community.
Karen Wilson, Author; Pastor; Deputy Chair, Willow Creek Australia Board.