What is 'Diving Deeper'?


At NewHope Kids we're embarking on a journey to equip parents and leaders with the right tools to help nurture a growing faith in each and every child who is part of the NewHope community.


It's all about creating a strong link between family and church, through deeper partnering, clear communication and encouraging one another. This new initiative is called Diving Deeper.


Our Website


Have you ever wondered about that song your child sings on repeat after every Kids Church, or what Bibles we use and recommend for the different age groups, or even where you can find the videos used on the weekend to teach Bible truths to your kids? The answers are right here on the NewHope Kids website.


Our Online Community


We are on Facebook. Search for NewHope Baptist Church KIDS! and join our online community for regular updates, resource ideas and encouragement. We’d love your input too and welcome you to use this interactive space to share with one another. You can also contact us with the details found below.



Books & Bibles