BFGG Thank You Dinner

Monday July 17th 6:30pm, NewHope Blackburn, Free

Three years has gone by quickly! In October 2017 we will come to the end of our Building For God's Glory giving initiative and a few months after that we will receive the keys to our new building and enter a new season of ministry. With additional space, improved layout, and purpose built answers to some of our significant challenges we are looking forward to a great advance in the work of NewHope.

We are inviting all contributors to the BFGG fund over the past 3 years to join us for dinner! On the evening we will give an update on the build project and share some exciting plans for ministry in the coming five years. We will also enjoy some good food and special music.

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NewHope started in a bus. A committed local Christian used the bus as a mobile Sunday School to share Jesus with children and families. We build on this foundation of innovation, passion for outreach and commitment to the local community. NewHope has made sacrificial commitment to build projects in nearly every decade of its history. God has led us faithfully and the church has flourished each time.

In 2006 stage 1 of a major rebuild was completed and we moved into the current Community Centre. We began using our facilities as a “gift to serve the neighbourhood” so we could have even greater connections and outreach opportunities. That vision has been enormously successful. We have seen many lives changed, the church has grown and the neighbourhood is responding to our witness.

We are making an impact in the community, but as we grow our building holds us back more and more. We must steward our growth and meet the opportunities of ministry for the coming decades. Today NewHope is made up of 1300 active households and our ministries directly engage another 1800 households. We envision impacting our region in ever increasing ways as God continues to work through the people of NewHope in the coming decade. It is time to address the next stage of building work.


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