The activities of NewHope are governed by an elected Church Council and managed by a highly qualified Staff Team. Working together in their formal roles, the Staff and Council serve scores of gifted leaders whose tireless work enables the diverse ministries of NewHope.

Our Staff Team

The NewHope Staff Team is responsible for the management of our shared activity. Each staff role is designed to make it possible for more people to use their gifts and enjoy the blessings of participating in God’s mission. Some staff roles are directly connected with helping people follow Jesus and flourish in life, for example leading a major people ministry like the youth program. Other roles, like the finance team or the lock-up crew, have essential tasks that make it possible for hundreds of NewHope participants to focus on one important thing (like worshiping God) while they forget about the ‘million moving parts’ that make it all possible. We have a great staff team at NewHope who stand ready to serve you as you follow Jesus.

NewHope Staff Team
2017 Staff Retreat

Allan Demond
Senior Pastor

Our Church Council

NewHope is served by a committed leadership Council comprised of seven elected volunteer members each serving a 2 year term, and two senior staff members. At our annual AGM we appoint new and continuing Council members. The Council Members who take executive roles (Council Chair, Finance Director and Church Secretary) are elected to these roles by the assembled members.

Current members of Church Council

Richard Beaumont

Fiona Haymes
Church Secretary

Joshua Morse
Finance Director

Amanda Carruthers

Daniel Dang

Chris Meyers

Tim Worsam

The Senior Pastor (Allan Demond) and the Ministry Support Leader (Surette Southwood) are also members of Church Council.

The Nomination Process

The Church Council is constitutionally responsible for “encouraging and developing potential council members so that the future leadership of the Church is assured”. (7.1j) Serving as a nominating committee the Council is constantly in prayer and in conversation about future Council members. Prospect lists are built and approaches are made with careful attention to the following:

  • Spiritual maturity & leadership capacity (Acts 6:1-7; 1Tim. 3:8-13)
  • The skills mix needed for good governance in a growing church
  • Gender, ethnic and generational representation
  • Experience in ministry and leadership at NewHope
  • Church Council continuity

If you would like to put forward a name for consideration please address your comments to the current Chair. It is helpful if you provide detailed information about the nominee and their suitability for the role.

Note: “Only members who have been members of the church for at least 12 months immediately preceding the election will be eligible for election to the Church Council.” (7.3) Council members are required to obtain a police check and a working with children check as part of their induction.

There is also a process for members to put forward names at a members meeting independent of Church Council nominations. This requires that a nomination signed by three members plus the nominee be submitted to the Church Secretary by the close of the third week prior to the Annual General Meeting. The Church Secretary can supply a formal nomination form for this process. 

You can download the NewHope Constitution below and review the current Church Council members above.

Council Chair: Richard Beaumont, (
Church Secretary: John Fearn-Wannan (